This year I decided to try myself on Skillshare as a teacher. So I produced my first video on fine art. I show you how to make a mixed media art piece in some easy steps. You can than use it as an individual decoration on your wall, give it to someone as a gift or scan and use it as a first step of a digital illustration. I drive you through the making process, I talk about illustrations in general and show you some tricks and tips how I create 🙂

I was very scared first to speak in front of a camera but than I decided that it would work so I stepped out of my comfort zone (as everybody suggest on social media, right?) and I did it! Now that’s you who has to do the first step on making art and just go ahead! I’m sure that you also can create outstanding art just have to start somewhere… maybe here and now!?

Snapshot 4

Here you find the link for my class:

Please feel free to reach out if you don’t understand something or you just need some encouraging words! You can also upload your work-in-progress photos and final creation under the video and I promise to answer you as soon as possible!

There’s a small preview of the class. Watch it here!

Have fun!


Bubbleworld – The birth of a painting – August 2015

Finally I finished a time-lapse video of the process of painting.

A few words about the painting itself… I made it for order to a dear friend. She asked me to use earth colors with a hint of turquoise. The size was also definite… 150×50 cm. Well it was a challenge for me as I almost never use a brownish color scheme and the size was also different.

I always loved to watch Howto videos and as it was already a challenge I decided to make a video of the whole process… I was curious too how the painting grows and how can I make a video that is enjoyable for others as well… Honestly it was so much fun that I’ll make more 😀

So here you are 🙂

BUBBLEWORLD from Anna Horváth – Annabies on Vimeo.

If you like it, please don’t hesitate to share! 🙂