Making faces

Last month I’ve signed up on Carla Sonheim blog’s online class with Lynn Whipple… Making Faces

I don’t really know why but I was affraid of making faces ever since I’ve finished my studies of applied arts. I was drawing portraits countlessly on the university and before but still it was something scary for me, even though they were quite good drawings.

So now I’ve decided to face my fear and took that online class. I really liked it. I show you the result. What do you think?


Happy new year! 2017 will be great! 🙂 I’ve finished 2016 with a painting that speaks mainly to divers… my hubby dives when he can so it’s not accidentally though 🙂

Aquarium - detail 1. Aquarium - detail 2. Aquarium - detail 3. Aquarium - detail 4. Aquarium

So what you think? I really enjoyed the process. Hope you like it!

Have a wonderful year!

Bubbleworld – The birth of a painting – August 2015

Finally I finished a time-lapse video of the process of painting.

A few words about the painting itself… I made it for order to a dear friend. She asked me to use earth colors with a hint of turquoise. The size was also definite… 150×50 cm. Well it was a challenge for me as I almost never use a brownish color scheme and the size was also different.

I always loved to watch Howto videos and as it was already a challenge I decided to make a video of the whole process… I was curious too how the painting grows and how can I make a video that is enjoyable for others as well… Honestly it was so much fun that I’ll make more 😀

So here you are 🙂

BUBBLEWORLD from Anna Horváth – Annabies on Vimeo.

If you like it, please don’t hesitate to share! 🙂

Daddy’s birthday… Apa szülinapja

Daddy’s birthday. We prepared handmade gifts for him with the kids, and a short film to make him cry 😀

Apa szülinapja. A gyerekekkel mi magunk készíttetünk neki ajándékokat… Meg egy kisfilmet, hogy legyen min sírni 😀

Bunny and Monster making by Kinga & Máté

Fotótartó by Máté… Photo holder by Máté


Pencil holder by Kinga… Ceruzatartó by Kinga

image image

Purse, key and phone storage by Me… Pénztárca, kulcs, és telefontartó by Me

image image image